Hi, my name is Ramon, I’m 31, was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and I’ve only just discovered the joys of writing, photography and travel in synergy. I was a professional cook for 4 years previously in various establishments in the Philippines and Australia. I easily grew tired of every job I had and thus, moved around a lot. Back then I didn’t see this as a sign to change careers and search for what I was really passionate about.

Giant swing in Bali.

Even as I work on this blog, the search goes on, for as novelty, dynamism and entropy go, we never stop changing. And with that flux, the answer to “Who am I?” will always escape from my grasp, and thus, I’ve ventured to adopt the mindset of enjoying myself no matter where I am, how I am, or who I appear to be.


I invite you to have a look at my other blog which is full of mostly personal philosophical musings: recollectionofbeing.