Holidays in Praha

Fall in love…

If you ask someone with what he associate Czech republic, he probably answer, beer and “knedlik”, but it’s not enough! Let’s check what the capitol and the largest city of Czech Republic can offer to tourists. Prague was founded in 1784 and historic center is included to UNESCO list of world heritage list. Prague can boast of a huge number of monuments.

So tell me what can I see there?

Wear comfortable shoes and run the city! First stop, Prague Castle. Castle complex was dating from the 9th century. It is the official office of the president of the Czech republic. The curiosit of castle: The Bohemian Crown Jewels are kept within a hidden room inside it. Go forward, You cannot be in Prague and won’t walk over the Charles Bridge, one of the most recognizable bridge in Europe. Bridge crosses river Vltava and its construction started in 1357 (finished at the beginning of 15th century). Real nice, is it? Don’t waste time, see the next point of our travel. Let’s see the Old Town Square. Part of old historical part of town, with nice colorful buildings and lot of statues, memorials and astronomical clock. Now calm down a little and visit St. Vitus Cathedral. The roman catholic cathedral is the largest and most important Christian church. Prague could offer a lot of more monuments and attraction. Just book some place to sleep as for example room or bed in hostel in Praha (to save money for tickets) and start your passionate travel around the city!

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