Weekend travels

What to do during weekends?

Yes, you can meet with friends in your favorite pub, go for a walk or do some sports. However, more and more of us choose to travel around the Europe. Especially when the fly tickets aren’t so expensive and internet is full of offers included carriage and accommodation. You need a few minutes to spend great weekend somewhere abroad.

So where to go?

For instance the price of fly tickets depends of way of your travel, so for beginning choose something interesting and near the Poland as Vienna, capitol of Austria. It was a real beauty, historic city with full of tourist attractions. Maybe there are too much attractions for one weekend. We could see a Schonbrunn Palace, Belvedere palace, state opera house, Historic City center, flea market, taste the Viennese vine… and there are a lot of more things to do and see. Vienna have also a Vienna City Card where you find discount to 210 city attractions. Later, you could go only to change clothes and go to enjoy the nightlife. Could be sure that everybody could find something suitable for him.

Austria is really so expensive?

It’s depends of your budget. You could resign of sleep at hotel and choose hostel Wien. Remember that Hostel is as good as hotel, you only need to sleep there. Save time and money to see city attractions. Also you could arrive to city with bla-bla car, You needn’t to fly in. Total price of your weekend journey depends of your needs.

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